Insight, strategy, product/service development and communication.

Companies in the top-quartile for gender
diversity on their executive teams were
21% more likely to have above-average
profitability than companies in the fourth
quartile. For ethnic/cultural diversity,
top-quartile companies were 33% more
likely to outperform on profitability.
— McKinsey & Company (2018) "Delivery through diversity"

Inclusive communication based on inclusive business strategy

We drive inclusion throughout each process from establishing a strong vision in the business strategy to providing creative solutions that lead to business development and communicating more effectively with new customer groups. We believe in building a stable foundation before taking the next step in building a value-driven communication.


Insight & Strategy

It all starts with a beautiful idea and continues with insight and strategy.

We provide insight on new customer segments and channels to reach the target group, exploring new recruitment sources, understanding cultural and religious sensitivity and discovering new opportunities for product and/or service development.

Diversity management requires cutting through complex matters in order to reach strategic objectives. We work with inclusive strategies that are top-driven and supported bottom-up. Whether it is employer branding strategies to attract, recruit and retain talents or acquiring new customer groups - we will carryout analysis of current situation and map out strategies to best reach your business goals. We will help you develop creative campaigns for external communication to attract your target group. We also collaborate with your existing ad company to aid in creating inclusive and conscious campaigns.


Business Development

Based on insights, we will help you develop products and/or services for existing or potential customer group and new markets. For example, one of the world’s fastest growing travel markets is the Muslim travel market. Based on our cultural and religious insight we would help you develop your businesses to be more equipped to seize the opportunities that comes with a diverse and global consumer base.


We will help you develop an inclusive communication strategy that reflects the corporate values. We can also collaborate with your existing ad agency in reviewing and providing the expertise needed to develop inclusive communication.

Lecture & Workshop

We provide lecture/workshop on topics that matter for you and tailor the workshop to fit your business need. Workshops are excellent for exploring and learning more about diversity related topics together with a smaller or larger teams. Example of previous topic: Inclusive Communication.